Jan 21, 2014

Being in NOW

Okay, sad news.. both my dot com blogs are out for months!! Yupe, months! '(Out as in they are DOWN!)
The two blogs that I've been using to earn me some paypal money are down!

Alright, not that I needed to announce this sad news over and over again.. but err.. I need some space to clear my thoughts, to let out of my frustration, to share my happiness, my silly thoughts, my well... just another ordinary encounter. I mean I needed somewhere to just write non-sense. Doesn't matter if anyone reading them, I needed it.

So what now? With that two blogs, especially the one that let me PayPal money... that is really sad..

While that is happening, I'll need to get myself busy with all the changes in life. For instance, I've started my unpay leave. Yes! No pay for 6 months. Actually secretly I'm hoping that I can go for early retirement, only if hubby can afford it. Now he's the sole bread earner. I knew of friends whose hubby are doing that and they are totally fine (from what I see).. of course with challenges, but hey, if they can work it out, me too, right?

Anyway, it is not the time to think of that now.
Now is just to let out of my thoughts just so I can concentrate on "NOW".