Jan 21, 2014

Being in NOW

Okay, sad news.. both my dot com blogs are out for months!! Yupe, months! '(Out as in they are DOWN!)
The two blogs that I've been using to earn me some paypal money are down!

Alright, not that I needed to announce this sad news over and over again.. but err.. I need some space to clear my thoughts, to let out of my frustration, to share my happiness, my silly thoughts, my well... just another ordinary encounter. I mean I needed somewhere to just write non-sense. Doesn't matter if anyone reading them, I needed it.

So what now? With that two blogs, especially the one that let me PayPal money... that is really sad..

While that is happening, I'll need to get myself busy with all the changes in life. For instance, I've started my unpay leave. Yes! No pay for 6 months. Actually secretly I'm hoping that I can go for early retirement, only if hubby can afford it. Now he's the sole bread earner. I knew of friends whose hubby are doing that and they are totally fine (from what I see).. of course with challenges, but hey, if they can work it out, me too, right?

Anyway, it is not the time to think of that now.
Now is just to let out of my thoughts just so I can concentrate on "NOW".

Oct 18, 2011

I'm loyal but looking

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.
Yes, I'm royal but looking.
By that I mean my mobile phone service provider.
I've been with Digi ever since I've got my first mobile phone ages ago. Though I've switched between pre-paid and post pay plan, but still with the same service provider.
I've heard that there are more service provider over at the States. There is even plan for the Senior which is call the Senior Value.
You get to buy branded mobile phone with special offer plan, no activation charges, no contract and pay as you go type of service.

Another great thing about it is using the tracfone, where you can keep in touch with your kids. You know now a days kids go for camp in the summer, go for traveling with friends some times you do get worried abotu them, on where about are they. So with Tracfone, you can do so!
Just take a look at this video: Get into Everywhereness.
The great thing is you can buy phone with at low as US$29.90! Which come with mp3, web access, video/camera etc!
What more you get nationwide coverage over at the States. Now that's what I call a real offer!
I'm still hoping there are such offer here in Malaysia.
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Oct 15, 2011

Once in a life time chance

Heard of David Foster? Michael Bolton? Charice? Ashanti!?

Well? I'm sure you know one of them? At least.. right?
They'll be in Malaysia!!
This 22nd October, in Putra Statium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur!
Yup, ticket is on sale now and get it from JAG tickets.

I've got a friend who is dying to go and still in the middle of thinking about it due to the price of flight ticket. A return ticket to KL from here (Kota Kinabalu) would cost her more than RM600. I encourage her to go since she would loves to watch David and others who will present that day, what more this could be her once in a life time chance to doing so.

Anything that you would love to do? And you think it is really once in a life time kind of chance?
Go!! Do it!! Don't regret later for not doing so.

Have a great weekend!

Sep 13, 2011

Getting better value in service

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm actually with Digi ever since the beginning when I've got my first hand-phone. It was more than 5 years ago! I'm still with Digi. 

Have thought about changing plan to other service provider, but when I though of having to change my number, I gave up, because I don't like the idea of having to inform everyone in my contact list on the new number that I have. Now that they can retain the same number even if I change my plan I still prefer to stay with Digi.

This is different if you are in the States where you have the choice of choosing Straight Talk where you can cut your phone bill to half! Imagine what you can do with those extra money that you thought would have spent in your phone calls!

Just look at this testimony of Hook, line and sinker!

They have the "All You Need Plan" where you can have 1000 minutes of talk time, 1000 text messages and 30MB data transfer! Isn't it great?

Or, you can go for the unlimited access with monthly fees of US$45. Call a friend anytime you like without having to worry about being over charge. Imagine you get unlimited call, picture messaging and web access for a year with just US$499!

International calls are available in a prepaid service, use it when needed only.

You can also get reconditioned phones which are available from US$10 onwards.

Everything you need basically is available with Straight Talk. So why not give it a thought about switching to Straight Talk if you thinking to change your service provider.

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Mar 13, 2011

I don't quite understand it

I've just checked this blog's stats and it surprise me 'cos it seems to have a higher page view than my other sites which I update more frequently, but of course the overall page view for the site is way lower than My Crafty Space (my other blog).

Having said that, most of the post opportunities are for this blog instead of the other, probably due to the fact that I normally don't accept any paid post over in My Crafty Space, as I treat it solely as my hobby outlet, a place to showcase what I did as a creative self.

Well, it is only just few days ago that someone trigger me to rethink again the purpose of my blogs, of me being a blogger and what I hope to get out from posting.

I've heard that there ARE really bloggers out there who earns in average RM2k per month all due to advertisement and paid posting! Now, I would really love to be part of the cake!

RM2k! That would be enough for me to quite my job, stay home and be a full-time mom at the same time blog! Not forgetting doing my craft of course.

Do you all earn from the blog-o? Mine sharing how you got started and how you earn?
Thanks in advance for all the great tips and experiences that you all will share.


Feb 1, 2011

What happened to team work?

Ya, what happened to team work and the spirit of being helpful?

I don't see that in certain people. Now.. the thing is when I asked for help from our IT department to put together 3 new PCs, it took them more than 2 weeks to get the job done, even that still, there are some software that haven't been installed.

When I ask for setting up simple remote desktop connection to our library system, he answered me it is not his job scope!? What!?

What the h*ll you are talking about? Not your job scope!?

You are suppose to just put a remote desktop connection, I'm not asking you to get into the library system and do some administration work!?

Okay, fine. I get it done on one of the PC and taught him how to go to set up the connection. Yes, me, a librarian, who is not even working in the IT department and yet I know.

How did that happened?

I can learn and same goes to you. It is just so darn easy. You just need to learn it and then do that simple job. Doesn't even need to write down in your job scope.

It just need the spirit of helping others, of wanting to know, of wanting to feel useful. That's all. How hard can that be?

You can't just rely on one of the technician to do everything. You are part of the team, you ARE suppose to help one another.

I hope I've taught him properly and that he can remember what I've said. Else history will repeat itself again.

Jan 28, 2011

Butt paste

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm sure if you have a new born, you would be worried and concern about nappy rash and would really appreciate a good night sleep with baby soundly asleep. Since new born can only cry to express itself on the discomfort that he/she is experiencing, there is no way that you can tell without checking first if he/she is hungry, if he/she got gas and another most common thing is rashes.

In the old days, talc was normally being used once baby has changed to a clean diaper or right after bath. Actually baby skin doesn't need talc because some might even irritate baby's delicate skin. 

Over time then only butt paste came in. Which really does help a lot and solve lots of skin irritation problems. I am glad that at least during my time being the "L" license mom, I had been told to use the right kind of butt paste and have since avoided nappy rash for my two boys.

Now in the market, for sure you can find lots of different kind of butt paste. There is this particular one that has been featured even in Oprah show and People magazine - Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste is being designed with a flip top cap in tubes so that it is hygenic. It is available in handy travel size which to all mom would really prefer that it can fit into our handbags.

I think if I have a choice and have the chance again to take care of new born, I would really go for Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

For you all new moms, give it a try since it is a featured product, what more now they are giving out free samples in their website, so do check it out!

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